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Competition Short-List for Third Victorian Short Story
11 May 2014
The third Victorian Short Story set in Dorset to see the light of day got on to the short-list in the March round of the Global Short Story competition. Mrs Wilkinson’s Grave is far from a conventional story so the placing is very welcome.
Another short story,
The Cause of the Tides, was short-listed in the Global Short Story Competition in 2009. One day...
Second Victorian Short Published
15 March 2014
Another short story from the series set in Victorian Dorset will be published soon. The World’s End was already long-listed in the Cadenza Short Story competition and subsequently published in Pangea and now Art’s Last Laugh is to be published on Every Day Fiction. It is due to be up on the web site on March 22nd.
Pangea in Kindle and iStore
05 April 2013
Pangea, the anthology of stories from around the world edited by Rebecca Lloyd and Indira Chandrasekhar is now available as a kindle-ready ebook on Amazon and in iBook format from iTunes.
It’s a great anthology and I’m proud to have a story in there entitled The World’s End.
If you would like to get in touch, please do so. Drop me a line if you like the site, or if you liked any of the stories. You can also tweet me or contact me for more professional stuff via on LinkedIn.
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I have compiled links to all the short stories I've had published on-line, along with a summary and (where applicable) any complimentary comments readers have been kind enough to make. For stories that have no surviving links I've posted a .pdf file. That means these stories are free! (But still subject to copyright).
A set of links to the good old solid paper, bound books. So, if you're really not the type for reading things on-line, rush off to Amazon and buy the books instead.
Evidence that I cannot keep a secret. Some things I am working on are just too exiting to keep quiet about them. Especially Vicky the Crow. If you find the material here even slightly interesting, please drop me a line. It really helps when people say what they think.
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