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Published in Every Day Fiction in November 2008.
Features in the anthology, Every Day Fiction 2, published in January 2010.
A concert-goer is shocked and surprised by the violence and beauty of a piano recital, but is there more of a message in the music? And is it meant for him personally?
This story was among the top ten most highly rated stories on Every Day Fiction for the first part of 2009.
Comments from Every Day Fiction readers:
Published in Every Day Fiction in June 2009.
Features in the anthology, Every Day Fiction 2, published in January 2010.
“When Josie was Thirteen, she grew a halo. It appeared in a Religious Education class...”
Comments from Every Day Fiction readers:
Short-listed in the Global Short Story Competition, May 2009.
Emma meets Kieran, a man who seems to share her values in many ways. Her demons insist it will all end in tears, but Emma ignores them as best she can…
Highly Commended in the Jacqui Bennet Writer’s Bureau, Summer 2009 Competition.
An ex-pat in Amsterdam slowly comes to realise he is running away from his own bad conscience. He seems condemned to suffer his guilt alone, until he offers to help Mikael, a beggar on the train.
Published in The Battered Suitcase, Winter 2009.
José Luis is an ageing Spanish artist living in Paris. He is working on an abstract painting. It features only two colours, but they are colours that are steeped in meaning. As he struggles to express himself on canvas he thinks back over his life, reviewing the events that gave the colours significance, and the politics, aesthetics and ethics that have shaped the ages he has lived through.
All of the short stories listed below have been either published, short listed, long-listed, or otherwise placed in a competition. The links either take you to the site where the story is hosted, or open a .pdf file, they all open a new tab or window, depending on your browser settings. If any links are broken, please drop me a line and let me know.
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Published in Every Day Fiction, January 2010.
A group of riflemen from the Queen's Westminster Rifles find themselves mingling with Saxon soldiers on Christmas Day, 1914. Naturally, they set up a soccer match. As Leonard Day is competing with a smaller German opponent for possession of the ball, he wonders what it would be like if they met in mortal competition.
Comments from Every Day Fiction readers:
Long-listed in the Cadenza short-story competition in September 2008.
Republished in Pangea, April 2012
It is late in the Summer of 1846 and Bill, an old stable hand, is to take a spare mount out to his master at The World's End Inn. Accompanied by his brother, who has just returned from the army, Bill is confronted by progress and a vision of the future, and he doesn't like the look of it.
Sadly, Cadenza, a well-respected literary periodical, ceased publication at the start of 2009. Pangea is release in April 2012 by Thames River Press.
Short-listed in the 2008 short story competition in Ballista magazine. Science Fiction.
Emerging from suspended animation, Añe and Truly discover a system failure has resulted in only their minds being brought back to life. Trapped in a world without senses, the pair of them have nothing but their own thoughts… and the future of humanity depends on their escape.
Art’s Last Laugh
Published in Every Day Fiction in March 2014.
Second in the series of Victorian Dorset stories, following The World’s End. Art Hanham has not laughed in a long time, so Bill enlists George’s help to see who will be the first to force him to crack a smile.
Comments from Every Day Fiction readers:
"I’m glad they made Art smile...."
"Great Voice... Humor is often the release of built up tension and boy did George build it.”
Get me to Lil’hampton
Runner up in the Littlehampton Wordfest Short Story Competition 2012.
John Barlett took a job on a fishing boat with two other jokers to form a group they called the laughing crew.
When disaster struck the skipper swore he would soon be laughing on the shingle. But they were still 80 miles off Finnesterre and they were taking on water...
Mrs Wilkinson’s Grave
Short-listed in the March 2014 round of the Global Short Story Competition.
Third in the series of Victorian Dorset stories, and the second to get short-listed in a competition.
Sidney Wilkinson’s wife has died and his grief is boundless and it was always in his nature to be jealous. So when he claims there is someone else in his wife’s grave will his friends believe him, or think him mad? After all, he has been sleep-walking...